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Continuous Improvement Program

In a fast and volatile business environment, continuous process improvement is a must for enterprises striving to maximize profitability and competitive edge.

Our processes need to be robustly designed based on customer requirements, process capabilities and material capabilities at the very least, allowing us predictability in our products/services. This would provide a strong basis for enhanced customer experience and therefore higher revenues thorugh providing customers with:

  1. High Quality
  2. Superior Reliability
  3. Consistent Performance
  4. On-Time Delivery
  5. Lower Costs

While its benefits can be significant, continuous process improvement can also present business leaders with vexing challenges, such as:

  • Defining and aligning cross-functional responsibilities and roles for the continuous process improvement program.
  • Establishing metrics that accurately measure process performance across time.
  • Devising processes that are standardized and predictable while at the same time being able to accommodate exception handling.
  • Integrating diverse systems in a way that minimizes duplication/variation and eliminating waste.

A number of enabling factors can improve an organization's chances of successfully meeting these challenges, including committed executive leadership, a clear and well-publicized business case for continuous process improvement, and regular communication among impacted stakeholders and staff. Partnering with an experienced consultant will help an organization achieve and accelerate its continuous improvement vision.

BRISQ Consulting partners with you through your Journey to Excellence, delivering a wide range of depth and breadth with proven expertise in Continuous Improvement, cost reduction and performance optimization. BRISQ can support you across all dimensions of a continuous improvement program, which includes:

  1. Establishment of appropriate qualitative and quantitative performance metrics
  2. Process Benchmarking
  3. Root cause analysis to identify sources of variation/waste
  4. Process redesign and optimization
  5. Change Management

BRISQ Consulting accomplishes the above through a simple, 3 phased easy to follow and deploy, continuous improvement model "Build-Improve-Excel"


In this phase BRISQ will work with your organization to build the concept for the continuous improvement program considering the current state – Critical positions / Processes / Policies &s; Procedures / Systems with a customer (internal/external) focus and identifying the ideal future state the organization would like to achieve


In this phase, we pick up from the BUILD stage and focus our efforts on executing the various improvement strategies identified in the BUILD phase, which will take your organization to the next targeted level and standardize along with a clear control plan for sustenance.


In this phase, the focus is on stretching our goals and identifying the right means and mechanisms to achieving those results.

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