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Dependability with BRISQ Six Sigma

So why go with BRISQ as your partner for deploying Six Sigma within your organization? BRISQ Six Sigma program offers more than just binders and lectures. BRISQ Six Sigma program stresses practicality and comprehension and provides your organization with a value-based training through an expert instructor who has years of real world and teaching experience.

The classroom setting also allows you to interact with fellow students, while gaining valuable support, feedback, and clarification from the instructor. For many candidates, this interactive approach is the best way to become an expert in Six Sigma implementation.

BRISQ Consulting offers Lean Six Sigma to all its candidates. While Six Sigma is a rigorous and systematic methodology, lean helps you quickly eliminate waste from a process. Waste is considered anything that does not add value to a process. If you are looking to quickly make a change in your organization, Lean Six Sigma is the tool for you.

When your organization engages with BRISQ Consulting for Six Sigma deployment, you have a ONE STOP solution to deploying Six Sigma - conceptualization to sustainable program management.

As shown above, the 5 key high-level deployment model will be brought into play. These as seen

above include:

    1. Conceptualizing the program based on specific requirements of your organization
    2. Deployment plan to move from a concept stage to a deployable solution
    3. Execution of the deployment plan, which will enrich your continuous improvement efforts
    4. Sustenance of the program by tying this into your quality system and talent development
    5. Creating a feedback loop to continuously improve the program maturity level