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BRISQ Six Sigma Program - The Payoffs

The entire idea of Six Sigma is to provide value to all stakeholders involved. To this effect the payoffs from this value based training we provide are listed below:

  • Create a customer driven approach in the organization
  • Addresses the entire process behind the production of an item/product or completion of service rather than just the final outcome
  • Proactive approach helps in determining how improvements can be made even before defects or shortcomings are found

The other advantages of going through this model is that your organization begins its transformational journey to excellence and begins to either develop or enhance characteristics such as:

    1. Being customer centric whilst keeping business requirements in mind
    2. Process focused and data driven
    3. Involvement and support of top management
    4. Cultural Change
    5. Breakthrough performance gains strengthening bottom line
    6. Structured and governed improvement deployment
    7. Validation through key business metrics
    8. Reduction in variation and elimination of defects
    9. Improvement in yields
    10. Enhancement in customer experiences working with your organization