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Get Connected to Six Sigma With BRISQ Consulting

Six Sigma training is important, but certification should be your ultimate goal. Certification allows you to truly become a recognized expert in your field and will help you in your effort to implement Six Sigma at your company. Let BRISQ Consulting help you in your effort with its training for the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Certified Six Sigma Green Belt exams.

Beyond training and certification, BRISQ Consulting offers resources to help your comprehension of Six Sigma. BRISQ Consulting can also manage your Six Sigma program for you and will also provide this as a forum where your organization’s trained belts can discuss all things Six Sigma.

The BRISQ Six Sigma program will improve your company’s bottom line. For the past 20 years, GE, Motorola, and the majority of Fortune 500 companies have switched to Six Sigma and saved billions of dollars in the process. Isn’t it time your company joined the elite businesses around the world that have been transformed by Six Sigma?

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BRISQ Six Sigma Program Sessions


A successful Six Sigma implementation demands a change in corporate culture that begins at the highest levels and permeates the entire organization. That’s why Six Sigma begins with an Executive Overview. In this tightly focused, one-day session, leaders discuss obstacles to sustained growth and discover ways to overcome them in the Six Sigma world. Executives not only learn how to internalize Six Sigma thinking and philosophies, they also learn how to execute them. They will analyze and compare their company’s value with Six Sigma values, while examining ways to maximize customer values and link customer satisfaction to quality. This Executive Overview introduces business metrics as a language and link to value and action. Leaders also get an overview of Six Sigma and the results it can deliver.


Champions are upper-level managers who lead the execution of the Six Sigma implementation and deployment plans for the company. They serve both as mentors to the Black Belts and Green Belts, and as liaisons to top management. Over a three-day training period, Champions learn how Six Sigma philosophy, tools, and application dynamics are applied for success to cascade throughout an organization. A Champion can also expect to learn deployment strategies that include proper project selection, how to choose and manage the right people to earn a belt, and how to effectively review projects.


Six Sigma Black Belts are the doers, the technical leaders and change agents in an organization. Black Belts implement Six Sigma principles, practices, and techniques for maximum improvements and cost reductions. They undergo four weeks of extensive training over a four-month period. Before they are recognized as successfully completing stringent Black Belt Program requirements, they must demonstrate their proficiency in using Six Sigma tools and techniques. Accomplished Black Belts must also support their project’s results by showing actual dollar savings and customer benefits through their project work.


Green Belts play a significant role within a Six Sigma rollout, as they serve to build on the Black Belt’s efforts. Green Belts serve on project teams to help collect and analyze data, develop process maps, assist the Black Belt in some levels of statistical analysis, and even develop experimental designs for a particular project. Green Belts may also be assigned projects on their own that do not require the statistical rigor demonstrated by the Black Belt. The Green Belt Program is a two- week course, with three weeks between sessions to work on a project

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