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Team and Organisational Consulting

The expertise needed to chart a suitable course of action lies within the team itself. However, though the team maybe skilled, there are times when employees benefit from a brief orientation about a new process to be embarked on. This creates greater productivity as well as builds up an inherent confidence in the team members, which, in the long run is beneficial to the organization as a whole.

We accentuate your team's expertise by creating an environment that allows expression of doubts, ideas and drawbacks. 

This is done by:

  • Creating, administering and evaluating customer surveys that highlight team
  • strengths as well as the areas that need working on
  • Actualising a "Safe Zone" in which ideas can emerge.
  • Working on methods to guarantee efficient processes.
  • Guiding team members towards appropriate communication and interaction
  • Coaching leaders and members for individual and combined success through
  • optimal performance.

Some of the services we offer that helps us achieve the above mentioned goals are:

  • Assessment and management of leadership capacity
  • Corporate Cultural Alignment
  • Strategic Focus
  • Team Management
  • Working Relationships
  • Communication Styles
  • Issues and Meeting Management